San Diego Wedding Photography: Capturing the Moments of Your Special Day

Nothing tells a story quite like a photograph --  . . . and when it comes to capturing the moments of that special day, nothing can take the place of having a perceptive, skilled eye behind the camera that you entrust with your wedding photography.

You want your wedding photographer to have up-to-date equipment and to know how to use it. Most photographers do that, but knowing what to do in case anything goes wrong is quite another tale. For all those times when Murphy's Law intervenes, an experienced photographer will know how to turn those could-have-been-lemon moments into wedding lemonade. A photographer who has a keen eye and who pays attention to detail will know how to turn small moments into magical ones, all with a twist of the lens.

Good photographers sell themselves. Great ones create photographs that speak for the person behind the camera. Thumb through the galleries of a photographer's past photos. His works speak clearly. Each photo represents a precise moment in time, one which he was able to anticipate, create, or instantly capture as the clock ticked swiftly by.

Your wedding day will pass quickly. A hundred thousand moments -- and more -- will take place from the time you awaken to blue skies or gray, from the moment you slip on your wedding veil or tuxedo jacket, from the entrance of the very first wedding guest, and to the last toast and dance of the evening. The two of you and your many-- or few -- guests will express emotions that run the entire gamut from nervousness and fear to anticipation and absolute joy.

Your wedding photographer will capture the best of it all and save it for another day, another year, for other people you have yet to meet.

A wedding photographer will know those perfect little places in San Diego that add flavor to your pictures. He'll understand the lighting, the ease or difficulty of access, and be able to see the promise of places and venues, of panoramas, and of dreamscapes that help make your wedding photos unique to your personalities. Rather than cookie-cutter backdrops and traditional scenes, he'll be able to stage your photos and capture unplanned ones as well. For he knows that some of the greatest pictures of all are those that "just happen." As long as he doesn't miss the shot, you'll have many of those serendipitous moments captured in film.

Randy Dickson of Dreamkeeper Photography understands timing and the importance of giving a couple the freedom and space to be themselves. His "quiet observation" and quickness with his camera result in wedding shots that continue to please.

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