San Diego Beach Photography: Qualities To Look for When Selecting a Beach Photographer

The tide rises; the tide falls...

Ocean lovers everywhere understand the lure of the ocean. It is, in some ways, that from which we all came. We know it in our souls. We respond to it intuitively. It draws us in. It has been doing so for thousands of years past and will continue to do so, though centuries pass. For this reason, and more, the ocean and its beaches make an ideal backdrop for portrait photography in California.

When it comes to San Diego beach photography, you want to select a photographer who understands this particular environment as he helps capture those special elements that make up the photos you've envisioned.

What are some of the qualities to look for when deciding upon a beach portrait photographer?

The right beach photographer will:

  • Be familiar with all the wonderful opportunities that exist on the beach. How the natural beauty of the ocean combines with color and light, wind and rain as he lets you slip into the viewfinder as Nature works its own magic.
  • Be aware of focal points and points of interest to make your portrait stand out from all the other beach portraits. Every crashing wave is different. So, too, is each pattern in sand or sea foam. 
  • Understand the importance of timing. Different times of day or month offer a myriad of possible effects and moods for beach photography. An insightful photographer will know how to use such effects to capture just the right mood for his subjects.
  • Be knowledgeable about his equipment. Beach photography brings with it a host of special challenges for even the best photographers. You'll want a photographer who knows the value of bracketing exposures, who can use spot metering to avoid potential exposure problems, who is handy with fill flashing, ultraviolet filters, and polarizing filters.
  • Know when and how to use special techniques such as black-and-white photography, sepia tones, or pops of color to increase the impact of shots you'll come to cherish for years to come.

Randy Dickson at Dreamkeeper Photography is an experienced photographer who understands the magnetism of the ocean. His respect for the natural world and experience ocean-side has helped him create beach photographs and treasured memories.

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