Fourth of July celebrations that mean the most to a lot - San Diego Family Photography

No one knew that so many years ago when a paper was signed it would be such a big deal now. To celebrate our freedom means more to us than the little things all year round. But with so much celebration and food and drink, do you stop and remember the ones that make this all possible?

There are a lot of people that take what we have in this country for granted. But there are those who give up a lot to do what they do for us as a country. Our troops loose so much time with family and friends to make sure that we keep our freedom. 

Fourth of July celebrations can be a lot more than just a cookout in the backyard. It can be a homecoming for someone who has been away for months or even years at a time. There is so much of the military side that you don't see. The kids that grow up without a parent around to see what accomplishments they have made in time. The family that have to say goodbye wondering when they will be one again. At this time of year we have to think about what we have and cherish every moment that we get.

So with all of this in mind light a sparkler this year and say this one is for you. Because without our military and what they do for us day after day and year after year it would be hard to say where this country would be without them. Celebrate with your family and friends and be thankful that you have them in your life to have this time with. Family is the most important and should be spent together creating memories for years to come.

I'll be home for the barbecue

Light the grill and bring out the food

Hang the welcome banner and color the signs

Meet me at the door and give me a hug

I have been away for quite sometime but today I am here

I do this so you can have a future without fear

I do this so our children will have the best they can have

This is a day for family and celebration for we are free

I want to make this day count because it has so much meaning

This day is for my country

This day is for my family

This day is for our freedom


With love and support of our troops Dreamkeeper Photography would like to wish all of you a safe and Happy Fourth of July!