It's Time To Book Your Holiday Photo Session

There are things you can put off until the last minute. Homework, cleaning, chores. Booking your holiday photo photo session is definitely not one of them. Here's why.

It's you and all your friends

You're not the only one looking for a photographer. It's you, your friends, your parents, your neighbors, and pretty much everyone else in the San Diego area. And the early bird not only gets the worm, it also gets the best and most ideal session time. So unless you want to be scrambling at the last minute to find ways for your family to be in one place at 2 pm on a Wednesday, book early. You won't be worried about scheduling or rushed for time and you can focus on what matters: relaxing and looking your best for your photos. 

Cards take time

If you're looking to send out photo cards or even just include a photo in a card, you need time to put it all together. Printers need time to process and print those cards and ship them. And you need time to address them, write notes, include your end of the year update letter, whatever. Don't forget about the labor involved in making sure those fantastic holiday photos get seen!

What to wear?

It's probably the most important question in your mind: what am I going to wear for my session? There's nothing worse than scrambling to your closet and realizing the only thing you have to the same thing you wore last year. Fashion choices are not a last minute decision and booking your appointment early gives you time to plan out exactly how you want to show yourself and your family off this holiday season. 

Its time to book your holiday photo session, so contact us at Dreamkeeper Photography for you session now!