Eight Nights in Venice

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.

--Giuseppe Verdi

Venice. Have you been? This was our first visit. It’s unlike anywhere we’ve ever been! A mix of fairytale beauty, crowded squares, cooing pigeons and magically still canals. A romantic city to the core!

The Grand Canal is the main street of Venice. Lined with beautiful, aging palaces (palazzo) you can hop aboard a gondola and imagine a time when these boats were the main means of transport. The impressive pallazo, homes to all of the wealthy families, once had highly decorated exteriors with colorful paintings and mosaics. These days they have faded into one color but many still have the ornate, oriental facades influenced by merchant trading with the East which made Venice rich.

Here are a few of our favorite night scenes of the city. Enjoy some of the spectacular views of La Serenissima.

Source: www.dreamkeeper.com