Maternity and Newborn Sessions: Steps Toward Making the Expectant Mom and the Baby Comfortable

Maternity and newborn photography sessions can bring some of the most meaningful photos you'll ever have captured. And when you hire someone who knows how to place the subjects in the proper settings and poses, you'll have photos you'll treasure for the rest of your life. Especially in the age of digital photography, the emotions they can capture places photography at an inspiring level.

But what's the best way toward capturing those perfect expressions? It should always be through the art of simple observation.

For most photo sessions, here's what you can expect in utilizing the best techniques while also allowing you and your newborn to be comfortable.

Maternity: Shooting at High Angle for the Most Flattering Poses

Many photographers use this method to help the expectant mother look more flattering and to display the belly much easier. In many cases, lying on a bed or other comfortable surface is a good approach. The photographer may bring something to stand on so he or she can take the photo at a higher angle. Also, in some cases, your spouse (or young kids in the family) can be incorporated into the photo to show a little intimacy.  

Maternity: Capturing the Right Expressions in Other Settings

You'll want to have some shots taken while standing up, and perhaps outside where natural light can create a better ambiance. While you should act natural in the shots, looking down at the belly is always good practice, even though the professional photographer will always be sure to capture it at just the right moment. Since looking down at a belly can create awkward expressions (and even a double chin), it might be a good idea for you to practice ahead of time.

Generally, the best emotions can be captured when you're in the final trimester. This can heighten the powerful nature of the photos based on how anticipatory you are of your child being born.

Newborns: Working in a Warm Room with Comfortable Surroundings

Newborn babies need comfortable surroundings so they aren't disturbed during the photo sessions. Preferably, that means you can expect a warm and comfortable setting that allows your newborn to sleep. Even some gentle music playing can help them look at peace. As with the maternity photos, shooting from up high is used considerably to better capture the expressions of the baby.

Keep in mind that while sleeping shots are common, ones where they're awake can also be done. However, they may be more challenging if your newborn becomes afraid of the camera.

Newborns: Finding the Right Surface for the Newborn to Recline On

Any comfortable surface will usually be used, typically a soft couch, a bed or merely wrapped in a soft blanket. The latter is the most common approach, with some people being more creative by placing their newborns in baby carriages or small baskets. And while most newborns will be photographed naked, they can be bundled entirely in a blanket to capture some very heartwarming photos.

Of course, you and your spouse can also be used in the newborn session. Sometimes just holding your new baby in your hands will be enough to capture the miracle of life.

Here at Dreamkeeper Photography, my philosophy is to capture all the important details without intervening in the moment. Contact us for all your maternity and newborn photo sessions and I'll guarantee you photography that will make you and your family smile for generations to come.