Its time to book your Valentine's Day photo session for that Special Day for Lovers!

As winter lingers on, stretching from the holidays, settling across much of the world with snow and chill, a special, warm day is drawing near that is dedicated to lovers, young and old. That means that its time to book your Valentine's Day photo session!

It has been the custom of lovers since the time of the Middle Ages to exchange small tokens of affection, including written messages and poems. The custom of pre-printed Valentine's Day cards began about 1900. Currently, it is estimated that 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every year. But with the advent of photography, a newer option has come to pass for displaying one's deep affection toward one's loved one, a special Valentine's Day portrait.

While cards, chocolates, and candy, not to mention romantic dinners by candlelight, are all very well, a special Valentine's Day portrait can add just a little bit more to the day out of the year devoted to lovers. No other gift has quite the power to express love than to preserve one's image for all time, something that can be cherished and appreciated by both for as long as life together endures. It is, in a way, a gift of oneself, demonstrating appreciation in a far greater way than any other token that can be eaten or else fade away.

Either an individual portrait or as a couple, with a romantic or whimsical theme, a special Valentine's Day photo session will create memories that will last as long as a lifetime.

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